$20 million awarded to Mobility Project voucher recipients.
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The Clean Mobility Options Pilot Program (CMO) provides funding for two types of projects, Clean Mobility Projects and Community Transportation Needs Assessments.

Clean Mobility Projects 

Applicants can apply for up to $1,000,000 to launch and operate a clean mobility project such as zero-emission carsharing, carpooling/vanpooling, bikesharing/scooter-sharing, innovative transit services, and ride-on-demand services (and up to $600,000 for the expansion of an existing project). Mobility projects are meant to bridge transportation gaps and provide connectivity between services and locations. Wherever possible, they should complement transit services or existing mobility services.

Funding will cover up to three years, including up to one year of project planning and launch activities, and two years of operations. Eligible costs include infrastructure, vehicles, equipment, outreach, operations, and maintenance. Applicants must commit to operating the project for two years after the voucher funding term ends to ensure that the project is sustainable—voucher funds will not cover costs during this period.

In order to receive CMO funding for clean mobility projects, organizations must conduct a Community Transportation Needs Assessment (Needs Assessment) before applying, and describe the conclusions of the Needs Assessment in their application. Applicants may conduct a Needs Assessment with their own resources prior to applying for a mobility project, as long as it satisfies the requirements for a mobility project. Alternatively, CMO provides funding that can cover the cost of a Needs Assessment. Applicants may then use the Needs Assessment to satisfy the requirement for a mobility project as long as the needs assessment is complete before submitting the mobility project application.

Community Transportation Needs Assessments

Applicants can apply for up to $50,000 to conduct a Community Transportation Needs Assessment (Needs Assessment). Needs Assessments are used to help identify and understand unmet mobility needs of communities and develop solutions in collaboration with residents. Inclusion of Needs Assessments in CMO is based on lessons learned through the California Air Resources Board’s SB 350 Barriers Report process and the  Mobility Equity Framework developed by the Greenlining Institute.

Key elements of Community Transportation Needs Assessments include a Transportation Access Data Analysis (i.e. resident surveys and analysis of existing data and community’s transportation accessibility indicators) and Community Engagement (i.e. documented ongoing engagement with a clearly defined audience in the relevant community through two venues such as community forums, in-person or virtual workshops, house meetings, focus groups, interviews, etc.). 

Please note that creative and accessible virtual engagements are encouraged due to current circumstances when in-person interactions are not permitted.

Funding will cover up to nine months for conducting the Needs Assessment, writing a report detailing its outcomes, and developing an application for a Mobility Project. 

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