$20 million awarded to Mobility Project voucher recipients.
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Mobility Project Voucher Application Review Order

HOW PROCESSING ORDER WORKS: The processing order number is based on the timestamp of when the application was received by the Program Administrator and  does not indicate eligibility or award statusApplications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, based on this order. Applications are currently being reviewed for eligibility. Using this processing order, applications will be reviewed against program eligibility requirements listed in the Implementation Manual [Updated version in effect as of September 10, 2020]. Ineligible applications will be rejected and eligible applications will be awarded, until all funds are exhausted. This is a working list and the current order is subject to further adjustment due to potential forthcoming mail-in applications or other circumstances that require order correction.

TRIBAL SET-ASIDE: Tribal applications are reviewed and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and still follows the processing order, but only applies to tribal applications received. Once $2 million of eligible tribal applications have been reviewed and approved, the tribal application window is closed.


HOW MANY APPLICATIONS WILL BE FUNDED? It depends on the amounts requested in each application and whether the applications were deemed eligible for funding. Total funding available for this application round is $20 million, with $2 million specifically set aside and guaranteed for tribal applicants. Each application can request up to $1 million in funding for new projects, $600,000 maximum for existing projects.

DOES MY PROCESSING NUMBER INDICATE MY LIKELIHOOD OF BEING AWARDED? A processing order number DOES NOT GUARANTEE funding, but it does help orient the applicant on the high level of demand for this program. If your number is near the end of the list, due to limited funding available for the program, you may have a less likely chance of being funded, but this also depends on the eligibility of the applications that were submitted ahead of yours. 

WHEN WILL I LEARN MY APPLICATION STATUS? Application review will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, but may take longer depending on the complexity and volume of applications received. We may contact you during this time to request clarifications on your application submission. The Processing Sheet will NOT be updated with application status or results. You will be contacted individually if you are being considered for an award.


Processing Order #: The processing order number is based on time-stamped receipt of Mobility Project Voucher applications received during the open application window, which opened beginning at 9:00 am PT on 10/20/2020. This processing order does not indicate an application’s eligibility for funding or award status. We are not posting a list of awardees until award decisions have been made.

Timestamp: Date, Time, and Second in which application was received by the Program Administrator’s server for email submissions and postmark date and time for post mail.  If mailing your application, please provide a copy of your receipt with timestamp information to application@cleanmobilityoptions.org .